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General Grants

Steps in the Application Process:

  1. Submit a Letter of Inquiry.
  2. Receive your application letter and password from the Trust.
  3. Use your password to access the General Application Form on our website.
  4. Thoroughly read the General Application Instructions before beginning the application.
  5. Complete the application form and all required attachments.
  6. Submit the completed application online.

Begin the Application Process with a Letter of Inquiry

A Letter of Inquiry is an essential first step in the General Grant application process. A clearly written Letter of Inquiry will save you time and will help us understand how well your proposed project may fit with areas of Trust interest. Learn more about writing your Letter of Inquiry.

Completing the Application Process — The Password

If your proposed project appears to be eligible for Trust consideration, we will send you correspondence encouraging an application. This communication will include a password, which you can use to access the General Application Portal. Fill out the application form through the online system and submit the completed application with required attachments.

There are no deadlines for submission of proposals to the Trust, but it normally takes six to nine months to process, evaluate, and take final action on each proposal.