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Focused Program Grants in Science
Research Start-Up Grants for New Science Faculty

This program offers support to supplement start-up cost for the establishment of new faculty positions in the natural sciences at private educational institutions. Grants are primarily targeted at undergraduate colleges and universities in the Trust’s five-state region.

Start-up packages are often offered by colleges and universities to new faculty in the sciences to assist them with initiating their research. These start-up packages usually include both a cash component and in-kind, non-cash, support.

An expert scientific consultant external to the college must be involved in every hire for which Trust support is sought. It is expected that this consultant, to be chosen by the institution, will provide advice on the professional scientific credentials of the applicant. Every application to the Trust must include a copy of the chosen consultant’s CV and a description of the role to be played by the consultant in the hiring process.

A panel of successful academic scientists representing the various scientific disciplines will evaluate the applications, and will advise the Trust concerning funding decisions. The panel will consider the likelihood that an outstanding candidate will be selected; the likelihood that the new hire can be successful in initiating a sustainable research presence on the campus; and the strength of the start-up package. In this way, the evaluation will not be of the candidate her/himself, but rather of the institutional setting and of the hiring process that is planned.

The deadline for receipt of these applications is August 1; awards will be announced in late November. To find out more, please download the Guidelines for Research Start-Up Grants.

The application form and the Instructions and Checklist for Research Start-Up Grants information may be downloaded. Please read these documents carefully before you prepare and submit the complete application (form and all necessary supporting documentation as indicated in the Checklist) as attachments to an email addressed to app@murdock-trust.org. The subject line of the email should read as follows: Application Faculty Start-up: Department Chair’s First and Last name. For institutions making multiple applications, each complete proposal must be submitted separately.

For more information about the Research Start-up Grants for New Science Faculty, contact Dr. Moses Lee at the Murdock Trust by email or call 360.694.8415.