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Partners in Science Program

The Program is designed to help high school science teachers work with a mentor doing cutting-edge research over the course of two summers. The purpose of this grant is to bring the knowledge from the research lab back into the high school science classroom, promoting hands-on science education.

Partners in Science grants provide research opportunities for teachers to work with investigators in academic labs or in labs associated with other non-profit institutions. Teachers are expected to arrange their own partnerships, although the Trust may provide some guidance. Approximately 25 grants are awarded each year to teacher-mentor partnerships in the Pacific Northwest.

Here are some ways to get started:

Partners in Science Brochure

Partners in Science Application Guidelines

Partners in Science Potential Mentor Projects

Partners in Science Research Institution Contact List

Partners in Science Program Application

Hear from teachers about their experience in the program:

Teachers who have completed a regular Partners in Science grant, having done two summers of research, are eligible to apply through their high schools for a Supplemental Partners in Science grant. For more information about the Supplemental Partners in Science Grant, see the Partners in Science Supplemental Brochure below.

Partners in Science Supplemental Brochure