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General Grants

The Trust awards grants for projects that are of strategic importance to the organization and consistent with its mission. Awards are made in the following four areas:

Arts and Culture

Performance and visual arts projects that enrich the cultural environment of the region are of interest to the Trust. There is a high value placed on educational outreach efforts.


The Trust considers educational projects offered in both formal and informal settings. Special interest is afforded to private higher education.

Health and Human Services

The Trust is interested in a diverse range of projects to enhance the quality of life in the region. Preventive efforts that address physical, spiritual, social, and psychological needs, especially those focused on youth, are preferred.


Most of the Trust’s funding for scientific research is limited to specific organizations and projects. However, the Trust does consider other science-based initiatives.

The Trust makes grants for building the capacity of nonprofit groups in these primary ways for the following three types of projects:


The Trust regularly funds projects that involve construction, renovation, land purchase, and more. Requests for capital projects are preferred once a portion of the funds needed have been secured.


Both new programs and the expansion of existing programs are considered. Requests may be for start-up costs and/or related additional staff members. The Trust prefers to fund these grants on a declining basis over three years (100/67/33 percent).


Scientific research instrumentation, technology, and other essential equipment items are often funded. In every case, the Trust requires a cost share of 50 percent or more.

Before proceeding, interested parties should review the Guidelines for Grantseekers to learn more and determine the organization’s eligibility and the appropriate nature of the project to the Trust.