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Leadership Development
Christian Leadership Advance Conference

Each fall, the Murdock Trust hosts a two-day Christian Leadership Conference. The purpose of the Conference, held in Vancouver, Washington, is to promote the cause of Christian ministry leadership development by connecting ministry leaders, educators, and trainers. Participants are invited to attend as guests of the Murdock Trust.

Participants are executive directors, regional leaders, and heads of faith-based human service organizations. Attendees include leaders in Christian camping, and heads of local and regional youth organizations, along with college and seminary presidents, deans, chaplains, and professional leadership developers.

Also in attendance is a Trust-hosted gathering of senior trainers from some of the major Christian youth organizations in America.

The event impacts Christian ministry leadership development for individuals and organizations by informing and inspiring, connecting with, and listening to influential leaders from many organizations.

Participation is by invitation only. For additional information contact Murdock Trust by email or call 360-694-8415.