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Melvin J. Murdock

Melvin J. Murdock

Benefactor of the
Murdock Charitable Trust.

Jack Murdock
"A Life Well Lived"


Are You Ready? Questions and Qualities for Grant Seeking Organizations
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Charitable grants from the Murdock Trust enrich the lives of Northwest citizens

The M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust seeks to enrich the quality of life in the Pacific Northwest by providing grants and enrichment programs to nonprofit organizations that seek to strengthen the region's educational, spiritual, and cultural base in creative and sustainable ways.


Murdock Grant Helps Project Promoting Historic Agreement for Klamath River

As a part of the Trust's investment in programs and projects that encourage civic engagement and help groups create community-based solutions to challenging and difficult issues, the Trust made a grant to A River Among Us. We were pleased to learn that Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell, California Governor Jerry Brown and Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed new amendments to the Klamath Hydropower Settlement Agreement (KHSA) and a related Klamath Power and Facilities Agreement. The revised KHSA will ensure that removal of 4 major dams on the Klamath River takes place as scheduled in the year 2020, and represents the hard work of citizens, tribal leaders and others in southern Oregon and northern California creating a solution to very difficult issues that have seemed irreconcilable . Read more

What is the Murdock Trust Doing?

M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust 40th Anniversary Compilation Video:

Click here to learn about our 40th anniversary.